How to Have Better Communication with Your Girlfriend


When people are in a relationship, they tend to think that everything should be shown directly and there is no need to hide anything inside. However, the fact’s that people can easily get hurt by one word said by others. If you do not communicate with your significant other in a right way, your relationship may be harmed and worse still, invalid communication may lead to break-up. So for the sake of a healthy relationship, how can you do to better your communication with your girlfriend?

Dating with Latin girlsFirst, pay attention to your tone.

When you try to express something to your girl, you should pay attention to your tone. Negative tone can ruin a date with someone you like. Never ever talk with the lady in a negative tone. Your girlfriend is one of your most important persons and she is not your underling, so a command tone is improper to apply. Also, when you are communicating with your girl dealing with some small issues in life, then you had better say it directly instead of saying containing angry emotions. Being sarcastic is even worse in communication. Nobody wants to live with a guy who often makes ironic remarks. Just speak out in a calm voice when you are communicating with your girl and that’s more efficient than talking like quarreling.

Second, sort out your emotions.

When you are discussing something, remember not to bring your negative emotion caused by another issue to the one you are for the moment talking about. Imagine your partner is talking over the arrangements for holiday while you are still pissed off at her returning late yesterday and every word coming out of your mouth seems loaded by gunpowder. If you strongly insist what makes you lose your temper should be coped with first, you can confer with your girlfriend and discuss the topics in terms of sequence. It’s necessary to bring negative feeling to an irrelevant issue.

Third, choose the right time to talk.

No one can be in a good state with lots of energy all day. If you have some topics to kick around with your partner, it’s wise of you to avoid her bad moments. For example, when your girlfriend has just come back from tiring work, when she is in bad health, or when she is busy doing something…it’s not a right decision to have some discussion with her at such times. It’s even stupid to add fuel to the flames by stirring up strife when your significant other has already been very angry. Good communication is not possible with inappropriate time.

Last but not least, choose face-to-face communication.

Face-to-face communication is very efficient in that it can not only make people express their ideas in a direct way but also help the communicators receive direct feedback from each other so as to facilitate the two-way communication. The major target in communication is to state clearly what you want to say and make sure of getting the other person’s reaction. Of course, communication mode varies from person to person. You need to find a proper way of communication in your relationship and then you can assure more effective communication. Effective communication can to a large extent lead to better understanding and mutual respect.


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