How to decode a Colombian beauty’s body language during online dating

Emotions have a strong relationship with our body. When a Colombian beauty is going through different emotions such as love, her body will show several signs involuntarily. These signs can be detected with a careful eye, while you are having a good online Colombia women dating.

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Closer look on the lips and duck lips

If you are talking to Colombian females on an online dating platform, she might show this move. Duck lips is an involuntary movement that shows her affections and regards for you. If she is giving a constant look on your lips, it means that you have scored. This is an innate seductive action of a female. She is imagining those lips over her.

Body and clothes

If Columbian ladies pushes herself closer to your view, this might be a good sign of her interest in you. A woman leans towards his guy when she is liking him. If she is wearing dark colors, this shows that she wants to impress you. Preparation and makeup are important for every female. If she thinks, you are her mister, she will be putting on makeup as well. Nobody prepares for the online dating. If she is doing it, it is a jackpot for you.

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Touching of body parts

Neck is one of the prime places of pheromones of a female. Pheromones increase the attraction and love. A girl will lean her neck towards you. This body gesture is innate. This is a silent invitation for a guy to kiss her neck. When you are talking to her and she is doing this move, you are winning her heart. She is completely into you. She wants you to talk more and more. If she is too deep in her motions where she cannot control herself, she will start touching her neck, shoulders and earlobes with fingers and palms. If she is also touching her inner thighs, you are making a good progress.

Body temperature

Her cheeks would get red and her eyes will dilate. These are the first signs that a Colombian single woman has feelings of lust. If she is feeling a little hot, it means her body is going through of a purge of estrogen. Her body temperature will raise and she will complaint about the extra heat and hot weather. The fact is her brain is preparing her for mating. If her lips are getting dry, this is the most brilliant fact that she is into you now.


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