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If you are planning to date Latin woman, then begin that adventure being very much aware that the dating rules have changed. The obsolete rules have been damped and new rules brought on board. If you want to win, be ready to play by them. Just the same way football officials changed the restraining line from 30-yard to 35 to increase the touchline, these rules have changed to favor you. But not all the rules have been adjusted. Some old school rules still hold and we shall have a look at all these.

Read on to explore the new changes to the dating rules and how to date a Colombian woman.

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He orders, she pays

One unwritten old school rule that used to be followed earnestly is that the man was responsible for the first date’s bill. Well, there are some new changes now. The rule that men are supposed to make the first move is still followed to some degree, but once on that date, the man can order and the woman has all the liberty to offer paying the check. Yes, you heard that right. When you ask her out, she may as well foot the bill and won’t complain.

15 Minutes of Date are enough

Gone are the days when an all night or two to three times dates were required for you to decide whether you have chemistry. According to a research, just 15 minutes into the date can tell whether you two can give it a try. Worried that beautiful Latino girl will bail if she is not into you? Remain calm because the research further shows that less than 15 percent would actually leave before the night is over.

More dates at a time

When you decide to date a Colombian, remember the new dating rules open the choices for you. Unlike in the past when you could just date one woman at a time, you are now set free to multi-date.

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First date is not a sex day

You shouldn’t go all the way just on the first date. It is important to keep that hot Colombia in mystery to keep her motivated for the next date. If you just give it all in a single night, the next date will be less exciting. It will also make the first date seem more of an interview to sex rather than a moment to get to know each other.

Online Date is becoming a norm

Planning of beginning to date? Well, feel free to visit a reputable website to date ladies online. Just create an online account with which you will meet your prospective partner. Ensure you add accurate details of yourself lest you risk discouraging your partner once you meet in person.

Online dating, or rather, mobile dating, demands that you be ready all the time for you never know what’s in store. Have your change clothes at your work place and some mouth wash because responding to a single women in Colombia demands punctuality.

Aha… you can send a Facebook friend request to your date

The Internet has taken us by storm and, as already pointed out above; you can do online dating to meet Colombian girls. Once you have had your first face to face encounter in addition to 2 – 3 dates, the new rules allow you to dig further about them and send even a Facebook friend request. However, this is a trend yet to be accepted by many thus do not be quick to exploit it in the early stages of dating.

Sexting is the new ‘Talking Dirty’

Back in the days after a date, you would whisper some sex terms in a woman’s ear and then watch her physical response for clues. Today, all that talking dirty has been replaced with sexting. All you have is her words and not physical touch so you need to be extra careful. The naty girls may motivate you to go on with sexting but remember she is in control, so don’t exceed the limit she has set otherwise you’ll turn her off.


The difference between Latin date and every other date

Different races have their different cultures and cultures significantly affect beautiful Latin American women’s approach to dating. Dating some races may bring a burst of happiness while others may leave lasting memories – both of good and horror. Traditional Latin culture tends to be rigid unlike American culture which is more fluid – and women are mostly more bound to tradition than their male counterparts.

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Hence, the first step in planning for a successful relationship is to spend time in learning the culture of pretty Latin ladies; know what drives their decisions, the dos and don’ts of their culture and make effort to play by the rules. For example, family is of utmost importance in Latino culture which explains why Latina beautiful girls will prefer to live close to their families. They also gather frequently with their families for dinner, parties and casual visits.

Religion also has a great role to play in the life of girls looking for love and marriage. About seventy five percent of Latinos are Catholics and are bound by the laws of the church including extra-marital affairs and use of contraceptives. Catholics prefer to marry Catholics – although there are exceptions in some cases. When you are dating a Latina, you have to find the common ground where you will be respected, get satisfaction and also not compromise her faith.

The issue of morality is one subject that have died in the United States and several other countries around Europe. However, morality is still held with high esteem in the traditional Latin culture. Dating Colombian girls will often mean that you have to meet their morality standards. The girls will critically scrutinize your dressing and your choice of words in public and in front of their family and friends.

The level of sensuality Latin men and women have behind closed doors cannot be compared with that of any other race. There is a speculation that this is borne of tradition; the rhythm in their voice and their pulse raising music. This is one of the reasons why Latin women are irresistible. American men who have discovered this are scampering to have them as wives.

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Colombian women are easy to find in this new age of technology and boom in online dating. Many of them are signed unto Latamdate. Signing up is easy and soon after your registration, the screen of your computer or smartphone will be awash with images of Colombian women. The experience of dating Colombian women online is not far off from what you will feel in offline dating – except for the obvious fact that you will not get to enjoy their sensual part.

You will definitely see the difference in dating a Latina online in comparison with women from other races. Latin women tend to be very polite in their responses and will try their best to reply to your messages – even when they are not entirely interested in you. On the contrary, women from America and various other European countries tend to be gay in their responses and would not hesitate to lash out on you if you get them upset.

Pretty women also tend to be wild because they know that men will come chasing after them but a South American girl with a high influence of culture will remain cool, calm and collected even when they know that the odds are in their favor. These are just a few of the numerous differences Latin girls have when compared to girls from other races. Although there will be individual differences to some level but the underlying principles will remain unchanged.

Five ways how dating online makes you a better person

Most of us think that online dating is an activity of fun and recreation. There is nothing else in it. It is just a mere process of finding a girl or Colombian single but it is not really true. Online or any kind of dating teaches you several things.

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Finding the flaws and betterment of your personality

We cannot see our flaws. This is something that you find in the society. Every human has some flaws. When you meet with the opposite sex, it starts a chain of events. You see your lacks. You begin noticing the deficiencies in your existence. Then, you start improving yourself. This improvement can be anything. It can be your speaking. It can be your body. It can be your job. It can be your dressing. Whatever it can be, you will seek a permanent solution. This leads to a better personality. On the other hand, it teaches you to find your mistakes and flaws. This cycle goes on and you will keep building yourself. This process enhances the personality and your ethics of living making you a better and stronger person as compared to your past.

New things jump in your life

Knowing a NEW person is a new thing in your life. Dating is all about the exploration of people that might be fit to your life. When you meet Columbian women, you start learning about her culture first. You learn about a new genre of music. You learn about her favorite food. You discover her country. There are various things that you get from her. This is what dating Latin girls can give you. Gaining such knowledge may seem irrational or useless, but it will always be helpful.

It helps you to set clear goals

Getting your dream Colombia hot girls becomes a goal for you. When people around you enjoy a healthy relationship status, you commit yourself to get the same status. It gives you a goal of life such as hot Colombia girls or meet Latin women. You begin searching for a right girl. You find them using various platforms like online dating website, bars, clubs, social media, etc. Your quench urges you to find the best out of them. You meet them and learn about them, their lives, their habits and everything. Based on this, you take decisions for the best options available for you.

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Understanding the Language of a Latin Woman

Women are the most beautiful creatures on Earth and should be precious to every man. Single latin girls, in particular, are very pretty. They are princesses that should be adored. But, many men find it difficult to understand women.  This is perhaps the most difficult thing in life. Women have their own language and own interpretations. So, if you guys want to lead a successful life with your dream pretty latin girl, then you have to learn and understand this language. Here are a few phrases women use often, whose meaning can be totally different.

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  1. I don’t care.

This is a common expression used by every girl. Usually, it means the person doesn’t care anymore about something. But, for latin girls, the meaning is totally different. If she is saying this word in front of her boyfriend, then she is actually very concerned about the matter. If she is using this word, then never let this go, and resolve this issue.

  1. It’s ok.

This does not mean things are okay for a girl. If your girl is saying “it’s okay,” then she must be thinking somewhere in her mind about when and how she will make you regret what you’ve done and pay for it. Whenever she uses this phrase, try to explain your problem and why you did this to her. Just be generous and genuine meeting latin women. In this way, she can trust you in the future.

  1. Oh wow!

This expression can mislead any guy. Men are simple and tend to believe literal meanings. In general, when your girlfriend is saying “oh wow,” it means that she is taunting you as a fool and wants to make you feel stupid for whatever you’ve done. Try to understand her gesture and interpretation. Never judge her yourself. Dating latin woman try to understand her.

  1. Thank you.

How could I forget to mention this one? When latin girl dating says “thank you,” it does not mean that she is grateful and happy with you. It actually means that you are annoying her and she does not want your help. Never leave this situation alone. Try to ask what’s wrong and why she is refusing your help. Dispel her worries and you will have a happy relationship.

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LatamDate Review: Online Dating That Has No Borders

The reason I decided to write this LatamDate review is because yesterday marked 2 years since I created my dating profile on LatamDate. Over that period of time, I’ve communicated with at least 110 Colombian women on the dating site, had physical interaction with 14 of them, and am marrying the woman of my dreams next week.

Why did you have to wait 2 years to get married via” you may be wondering. Well, let’s just say that I’m too picky, and for me, the search for the best Latina women on international dating websites is the most thrilling experience.

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FCMM online dating: find, chat, meet, marry

Some of those Latina ladies I’ve encountered along the way had their flaws and weren’t a good match for me (for one reason or another), while many of them were the epitome of perfection but we just couldn’t figure out a way to meet up for a first date and jumpstart our relationship.

Don’t get me wrong: LatamDate is actually a great place to be dating someone and build a long-distance relationship, as this international online dating platform has all the tools you need for this, including but not limited to Live Webcam chatting, sending virtual gifts, real-life Video Show, and many more.

But I prefer the FCMM approach to online dating, which stands for “Find, Chat, Meet, and Marry” (yep, I created the term myself, feel free to use!). My personal goal was to put a ring on a Latin beauty’s finger and carry on with my life as a married and happy man, with a gorgeous lady always by my side to love me, care for me, and give birth to our little angels. Thanks to LatamDate, I’m just a few steps away from accomplishing my goal. Yay!

LatamDate scam: Is it really that bad?

I hear a lot about LatamDate scam and complaints that there are many fake profiles that are operated by fraudsters and scammers to drain unsuspecting users’ wallets. And I get it: online dating scam has become very prevalent in recent years, as there are now more people using dating apps than ever before.

Let me be completely honest with you: after reading some of those negative reviews, I thought LatamDate didn’t really care about its users and had no durable verification system or user data protection system in place to keep fraudsters and scammers at bay.

But only after using for a few months I realized that this dating platform has sufficient user verification security and measures in place to take down fake profiles and ensure that no fraudsters are allowed to create fake profiles in the first place. And that’s exactly why LatamDate is considered to be the best Latin dating platform out there.

LatamDate takes down fake profiles

Throughout these past two years, I’ve come across only two obviously fake profiles (though I may be wrong, we’re all humans, and we make mistakes) on LatamDate. I know that this Latin dating site has no tolerance for online dating scam, which is why I decided to contact their support team to get feedback on these two fake profiles.

First of all, much to my surprise, LatamDate’s support team responded within the first 24 hours (in each of these two instances), and after doing some magic (“a thorough review of the profile’s activity and verification,” they call it), these two fake profiles were taken down within the next two days.

In my opinion, in the age of online dating, scam and fraud on dating sites and apps cannot be completely prevented, as bad people are always out there and they constantly improve their techniques and tools to scam unsuspecting people out of their money and earn a living from it.

How to avoid online dating scam on LatamDate

But I’m delighted over the fact that unlike other international dating sites and apps, LatamDate is actually up to date with anti-scam measures and protections to ensure that their users are getting what they came for: to date real people with real intentions.

But let’s not forget that this is a two-way street, and users can ensure their safety and avoid being scammed by NOT clicking on suspicious links or downloading any files that come from people you don’t know, and NOT sharing your personal information (especially credit card data) too soon in a long-distance relationship.

Also, do not spend your money on someone you know only a day or two. Get to know a Latin girl better before sending her money or buying her virtual gifts (or giving her money for a plane ticket).

Only a few days are left until I hear my beloved wife-to-be say, “I do,” I can’t wait to press my lips against hers during the wedding ceremony. It will be my latest proof that it’s actually possible to get married via online dating, and in my case, it wouldn’t be possible without LatamDate.

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LatamDate Scam: 7 Tips To Ensure Your Safety On Online Dating Sites

Is LatamDate scam a real thing or not? Let’s put an end to the debate once and for all.

Safety is a major concern of many people using the Internet these days, but especially those who use online dating sites and apps to find love. And it’s understandable given the fact that we’re most vulnerable when we open ourselves up and reveal our weaknesses in romantic relationships.

Here at LatamDate, we’ve assembled a skilled team of computer and security experts to establish a series of viable anti-scam measures to prevent our online dating users from being scammed. And while we use premium anti-scam protection tools to ensure that our foreign male users are dating real Latina women, fraudsters and scammers always improvise to come up with new ways to target unsuspecting users and steal their money.


That’s why it’s highly advised to follow these 7 tips to ensure that you never become a victim of scam on online dating websites.

Don’t give out your trust so easily. Your trust serves as the protective shield that guards you from being scammed on Latin dating sites. And fraudsters know this so they try to gain your trust as soon as possible. The tried-and-true way of gaining someone else’s trust is by declaring their love within days of meeting you on LatamDate or other online dating websites. Do NOT let fraudsters and scammers take advantage of you by giving them your trust so easily.

Be a Sherlock Holmes. Every one of us has a little Sherlock Holmes inside. Unleash your inner detective and Google Colombian girls you encounter on online dating websites to see if their name ever pops up on other websites warning you be cautious or they have ever been caught before. Don’t limit your “investigation” by searching only the name of your chat buddy. Google their images to see if they have been stolen and reused from some other dating profile.

Be alert. Always. One of the thing that helps avoid being scammed and ensure your safety on dating sites is to always be alert and vigilant. In most cases, when people on dating sites ask for your money (for a plane ticket, to pay off debt, for food, etc.) too soon after you started chatting, it should be a major red flag. So make sure that you chat with a girl for at least a few weeks before sending her money. Typically, scammers who see that you are not willing to send them money right away vanish or start ignoring you. Those who continue chatting with you for weeks despite your refusal to send them money right away can be trusted, though there are some crafty and persistent fraudsters out there.

Never reveal your personal information to a stranger. We often hear complaints from our users that fraudsters create fake profiles and pretend to be LatamDate agents who message users asking them for their personal data. Our agents never communicate with users via chat, we only use emails in case we need to reach out to you. But even if you receive an email from our agent, always make sure it’s our real agent, not a scammer looking to steal your personal info.

Stay away from suspicious links and files. Hackers resort to many techniques and tools to hack unsuspecting users, and this includes chatting on online dating sites. So stay away from suspicious links and files sent to you by (fake) Colombian girls. In most cases, these links are accompanied by some friendly, call-to-action text such as “Check out my intimate photos by downloading these files” or “If you want to see my hot pics, go here (and a link to some fishy website).”

Don’t move communication off of LatamDate too soon. Since scammers and fraudsters are banned by LatamDate in case our team of security experts detects any suspicious activity or receive complaints from users, fraudsters will try to move communication off of LatamDate app or site too soon. In such a way, fraudsters are less likely to get caught. Generally, you should wait until you get to know a person better before giving out your personal or contact information. This usually takes from three to six weeks of regular communication via online dating apps. –

Beware of these red flags. Since fraudsters and scammers usually communicate with multiple users at once, they almost always get the details wrong. They may be confusing your name with someone else’s, details in their story don’t add up, they forget what you talked about the day before, and in general, chatting with them feels vague and not real. Most fraudsters tend to dodge questions in order to avoid getting caught.

Our security experts at LatamDate review and detect fraudulent actions to ensure the safety of our users and prevent fraudsters from successfully scamming our users out of their money. In case you detect any suspicious activity or think a dating profile is fake, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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How to Make Online Latin Dating Work?

Online has been widely in practice for quite some time now. You are missing out on a lot if you are not benefiting from this useful facility then you are at loss my friend. Well, here are the effective ways through which you can win over Latin woman and Colombian ladies. Since other person can only know as much as you reveal them, through online dating other person can only see your image that you have painted.

Latin beauty girl

Make Your Biography Interesting:

No one likes to read long essays about someone else, so keep your biography short. Use few sentences to introduce yourself, and you have to make a catchy biography that can interest the beautiful Latin girls.

Double Check Your Grammar and Spellings:

If you seriously want to dating Latin woman and you are interested in meeting Latin woman here is the trick. You want to double check your spellings and grammar because girls are very critical about grammatical mistakes and spellings. Also, it shows your non-seriousness and carelessness.

Do Not Lie about Yourself:

Never lie about yourself in the information that you are providing. Things might be going just too well for you guys but once the girl finds out that you have lied about something, they will not give you any chance to explain yourself.

How to Choose Your Picture:

Choosing your picture is very crucial and it is important part of your profile. You should select that picture of yours which is recent but also a picture in which you look fresh, full of energy and at the same time attractive because Columbian women photos are also very charming.

Keep Changing Your Pictures:

You want to look appealing to Colombia beautiful girl, so do not use the same picture with different angles because it looks annoying. Use new pictures and update your pictures so that other person will recognize your face. No one can make a picture of you in mind by seeing just one photo.

How to Chat Interestingly:

You can message those, Latin beauty girls which look enchanting and captivating. If they are interested in you then you do not want to lose their focus. Keep them involved with you. Tell them fascinating facts about you but NEVER LIE. Try to be as much optimistic as you can. Be real and original. Do not try to fake anything. Do not answer in “yes” or “no” because you cannot keep the conversation going by making it boring. Elaborate your answers and make your chat interesting.

Be Good Listener:

As much as you want to tell them about yourself and keep them interested in you. You should also pay heed to what they have to say. So listen to your girl and remember every little detail she tells you because that shows you care for that Latin beauty girl.

Ask Them Out:

Do not wait to ask them out if you know they are already comfortable around you and they like you. Exchange your numbers and let your girl know that you would like to ask her out and take things forward.