Latin Dating:Are Good Looks Everything?

South American women looking for American men will tell you one thing: looks can be deceiving. There are many beautiful Latin women who fell for good looking American men but the first date didn’t materialize into a second date. This is a clear sign that looks don’t guarantee you a beautiful lady. There are other qualities that Latin beautiful girls look for in men. Here are some of these qualities.

Latin beautiful girls

  • Confidence

If there is one thing that women love in men is confidence. This is because confidence is viewed as an accumulation of other important qualities like intelligence, responsibility, and discipline. Every pretty Latin lady will think twice before dating a man with low confidence.

  • Sociability

Apart from good looking, today’s ladies want social men. American girls beautiful want a man who they can introduce to their friends or take home to meet their parents and match the occasion. Being social will spice up your relationship too.

  • Sexual ability

Though they won’t tell you on their first day, South American ladies want a man who knows his way around a female body. Sex is a major relationship booster. A relationship with low sex drive may not last long, hence the insistence on great sexual skills.

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  • Intelligence

Intelligence is not only important because it shows one’s ability to succeed in life, but also because it allows a lady with depth to converse meaningfully with a man. Ladies feel more secure when they date a man with brains who knows how to say beautiful in Latin.

  • Good Background

A man with a respectable background such as growing up in a good family will have been instilled with good values such as honesty, modesty, loyalty, hard-work, and respect. A lady will feel secure dating such a man.

  • Responsibility

Ladies feel secure when around a responsible man. They don’t want a guy who will visit Colombian dating services as soon as his girl is pregnant. Responsibility is way more important than good looks.

  • A Sense of Humor

Every girl wants a man with a heart of gold. Just like good looks work well for girls, women want a man who can impress them. Ladies want a man who can make them smile when they are sad; somebody who can make their trouble fly away just by a touch. Ladies don’t want to spend the rest of their lives with men who only smile when they see pictures of beautiful Latin women.

To maintain your special girl, you need more than good looks. Good looks will only help you get her attention, maintaining her is the work good qualities.


What if she is a feminist when dating Latin girls?

Women ask for equality in family, career and society. Some women even become bossy. I guess this is why you prefer to date Latin beautiful girls. You want to date Latin woman because you think they are more feminine physically and mentally. The problem is when you only chat with single ladies you can hardly know what they are really like. We wear masks and we only show each other part of ourselves. What if you find out that deep down she is a feminist just like gorgeous Emma Watson?

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People, mostly men think that feminist are not feminine physically. They are not good looking, they don’t shave, they wear pants rather than skirt, they never wear high heels and they have short hair. But all of these are stereotypes for feminists. They are women feminists and many of them look just like other women. You can never judge a book by its cover. When you realize your date is a feminist who does not think women should be docile and devote themselves to family it is already too late, you fell in love with her. Being a feminist doesn’t prevent her from being attractive, sometimes more attractive.  Should you ditch a feminist immediately? The answer is no. Because you meet columbian women and they are beautiful and hot. You like her so much. Love conquers everything.

What really matters is how you treat her and let it work out between you and her. As we all know feminists don’t want to feel that you are controlling them. So if your date is a feminist, give her more space and freedom. I don’t mean open relationship or anything like that. I mean you need to build a relationship with privacy and more personal time. Good thing about dating Dominican girl who is a feminist is she is not clingy. Men want caring girlfriends and wives but they escape when women become too clingy. A feminist needs to enjoy the equal rights in life. So she probably spends as much time as yours on work. Beautiful Latin women are hard-working too. And when she got time she would go hang out with her own friends and leaves you  have a good time with your bros. Isn’t it fantastic?

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Another benefit of dating a feminist is that she is always willing to go Dutch. It is gentlemen’s manner to pay the bills of date. But it is sweet if you meet a Latin single and she offers to go Dutch. It is a very considerate and caring behavior. Like all the other women in the world, Colomian women think that opening doors and paying the bills mean that you are a gentleman. You can ask their opinions when you meet Latin ladies. But if your girlfriend is a feminist she would not mind paying her own bills sometimes or all the time. Naturally she is more grateful to everything you do for her and never takes it for granted. A girl who knows to say thank you is always adorable.

Don’t tell her what she should do. A women with strong self esteem will never take orders from you. In her mind you are her boyfriend does not make you her boss. If  a woman loves you she will do a lot of things for you. If you think this is her duty and what she should do you will ruin everything. Just tell her how happy you feel for things she did for you and how much you love her. That is enough.

Don’t freak out if she is a feminist. Dating a feminist is not a horrible thing. All you need to do is ask yourself what you want and find a way to work this out.

Latamdate Reviews:Your Long-Distance Latin Dating Survival Guide

Karen Blair, Ph.D. co-author of a study by University of Utah explains that “being away from your partner allows you to work of areas of relationship maintenance that geographically close couples take for granted.” Being away from your partner lets you practice emotional techniques such as discussing meaningful conversations and sexual matters that geographically close couples often neglect. The secret of keeping Latin beautiful girls happy and feeling loved is being committed to your love. Here are a few ways to keep your long-distance lover burning.

latin beautiful girls

  • 15 Minutes a Day

A research by Cornell University suggests that you set aside 15 minutes a day to discuss meaningful conversations such as your life goals, your family, and your job. Tell her what makes you happy and what you think would make you more successful. This helps make South American girls feel close to you.

  • Add Some Spice

Greg Guldner, M.D., the author of Long Distance Relationships: The Complete Guide explains that adding some spice to your communication by introducing sexually suggestive images, erotic letters and videos or phone sex helps maintain the physical bond that has been denied by the geographical distance.  When a woman seeking man is engaged in a long distance relationship, she will want assurances that she is still loved. Make your beautiful South American girls feel loved by spicing up your communication.south american girls

  • Flawed Communication

A study from Ohio State University found that flawed communication isn’t all that bad. The annoying connection problems help you concentrate on her tone of voice and facial expressions. This increased focus is great for effective communication with your beautiful Latin women.

  • Compliments

One great secret of dating American beautiful girls is to make them feel like some little princesses. Let’s say you are dating Sharon who is a hundred miles away from you. Sharon is 20 years old, and 20-year-old girls like compliments; “Honey, I love your smile, it looks so pretty today”. This shows you pay attention even to those fine details.

  • Surprises

Tell me of one girl 30 years old who doesn’t love surprises. Surprises are a good way of breaking the norm and introducing new emotions in your relationship. Surprises can take the form of sending her flowers, buying her gifts or phone credit, mailing her perfumed love letters or even paying her a surprise visit. You can even sign her up in a 3 way relationship dating site and send her a request to date her.

Now you have several high-profile tips of spicing up your long-distance relationship. Don’t listen to naysayers discourage you. It’s your duty to make it work. Make it work.

Latamdate Review:6 Things You Do Online That Hurt Your Dating Life

Psst… Hey! Hey, you! Yes, you. I’m talking to you. Hi, stranger, how are you?

Look, if this has been the first time someone has talked to you online this week, then we have bad news for you.

Do you think signing up on an online dating website was a mistake?  It’s been a while and I don’t get any messages, and ladies don’t even respond to me!’

Well, we’re sure there’s a good reason why all this is happening. We’re here today to help you revive your online dating life. Because clearly, something went wrong.

Let’s figure out what this is.

latin girls online

Wasting your time

Hey, we get it. You sign up on an online dating website and you see a profile of some sexy lady. And you lose your mind over her! That’s alright, but know this: you’re not the only one who has laid eyes on her.

That means you’ll either have to be REALLY good (and we mean REALLY, really good!) at communicating with her online – because you have to stand out from the crowd – or move on to the next girl.

If some girl, whose profile you obsessively check over and over again zillion times per day, isn’t responding (but she’s clearly read your message because she was online) or said “hi” to you but then started ignoring, then get over her.

Stop wasting your time – there are plenty of girls to choose from! If you keep getting fixated on people online, you’ll end up being alone for the rest of your life.

Picking only the hottest

Sure, dating a hot Latin girl is cool, but a girl doesn’t have to be the hottest to satisfy your needs.

If you’re looking for a long-term girlfriend or have marriage plans in your mind, you might want to get to know the personality of that girl rather than drool over her looks.

In long-term relationships, it’s not the looks that matter but how you communicate and understand one another and how well you get along.


Searching for only the young ones

Dating a young Colombian girl can be exciting, but it might get tiresome over time. If you’re not on the same maturity level as your partner, it might create disagreements and clashes of interests over time.

If you’re one of those guys who immediately reject profiles of the ladies older than 27, then don’t be surprised if you still cannot find a match.

Look, 27 is no magic number. Just because a woman is 28, or 38, doesn’t mean she’s un-dateable now. Again, it’s not the age or the looks that matter. It’s the personality that should serve as your pre-selection filter.

Believing that a simple “Hi” will get you a girl

Hey, online dating requires you to put at least some effort into it. Well, pretty much like the real life dating.

Look, just because you send a girl a message saying only “Hi” won’t magically make her head over heels in love with you. Be sure – she gets dozens of those “Hi’s” every single day or even hour.

When people approach one another on the streets, saying just “Hi” is not enough. You need to keep this thing going.

It’s like getting into a car you like, and the word “Hi” is simply your way to unlock the door. But now you have to find the keys to start the car!

Being offensive or believing in stereotypes

“If you’re a single mom, don’t bother talking to me,” “Latina girls stay away (unless you have no mood swings),” “If you’re fat, ugly or uninteresting, I won’t even respond.”

Women have conflicting views about online dating bio’s like this.

From the one hand, it’s offensive and childish. But from the other hand, women can thank the guy from warning beforehand that he’s an asshole, so they don’t even waste their time on dudes like that.

If you’re the type of guy who’d happily put something like that in his profile, you might want to keep those sexist and stereotypical things to yourself.

No girl wants to be dating a guy who is judgmental and negative – so make sure you’re not one.

Having a serial killer-like profile

Do you have only one profile picture, and it doesn’t even show your face? And/or is your profile bio empty or says only two or three words?

Well, no wonder why women seem to steer clear of you. This is what women call a serial killer-like profile. A guy who has little to no pictures of himself or doesn’t reveal much about himself on his profile strikes Colombian women as some maniac.

Precautions for men intending to date Latin women

The reason why people rush in and out of relationships is that they ignored to answer begging questions they should have answered earlier. This is the same problem many foreign men dating hot Latin women have found themselves. There are things every man who desires to date Latin women need to know. A good number of them are written below.

date a Latin

  1. A first kiss means nothing

Understanding how beautiful Latin women think will probably be the most difficult nut you will ever try to crack.  They can become very sensual and engage in physical contact but do not fall into the temptation of interpreting as something special. They can even kiss you on the first date but it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

  1. Latin women are keen with hygiene

It is disturbing when people skip some days without bathing, not realizing how much they stink when they do that. Foreigners who are used to doing that would soon realize that Latin single women will not be able to cope with them. Those girls know what hygiene means and can bath up to twice in a day.

  1. Learn to manage jealousy

You will soon realize that Latin beautiful girls see every other girl as a rival especially when she has deep feelings for you. It is common to hear them complain about nearly everything while comparing themselves to every other girl out there. Be the soothing romantic guy that will reassure of her place in your heart rather than playing the bossy employer that think she talks too much.

  1. Treat her family with respect

The remarkable difference between Latin women and those from America is probably their family ties. While the Latin ladies have large families and stay closely bonded to them, an American lady will prefer to live all by herself. If you intend to date Latin women, you must be conscious of this family bond and work to buy the heart of her family members because they will have a strong influence on her choice of spouse.

  1. Where you met her is not important

It is becoming easier to meet Latin girls online because more of them are coming to terms with the growing popularity of online dating. Latin girls also love to unwind in parties but don’t be quick to rate her with the environment you met her.

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5 Tips for Dating Latin Women

sexy latin women

Latin girls are charming and easy going. If you prefer to date a Latina, then you should prepare yourself for some cultural differences. Here are five tips to help you.

1.Make sure you are looking at the person for her personality and not because she is hot. Don’t date any woman because she fulfills everything for you. Be with her manual and you should value her as a person. Don’t even think too much. It’s not fair for any woman to be labeled and specified because of her race or nationality.

2. You should keep in mind that Latin girls care a lot about their country. Don’t assume that they all speak Spanish and that all the countries are exactly the same. Different countries in Latin America have their heritage, Culture and personal information. So don’t assume where she is from mainly because of her accent. Ask her yourself and try to get answer you want.

3. You must understand that most beautiful Latin women are very close to their family. It’s normal for the families to gather every week and have all the relatives in one location. The approval of her family bears a lot of weight on their decisions. So be ready to made interviews from the mother, Grandad, Grandma and anybody else from the family tree. If you want to date and marry a Latina, then You date and marry the family.
4. You should respect her religious beliefs. You may struggle to drag her on a date Sunday mornings because she has religious service to attend. Latin American countries are mostly Catholic so don’t be surprised if there is a picture of Jesus in her home. If you attend service together along with her, you should respect the community. Don’t worry about the communication and just listen to what the priest has to say.

5. You can try to learn dancing. In latin america, dancing is a good way to bring energy and enjoyment to any circumstance. Most events will have music and dancing of some sort. Figure out how to groove your hips and dance to the beat. Loosen up and rejoice. Take lessons together if you do not know the moves. You may even learn the other sexy Latin dances for example the rumba or tango.

It’s amazing to date hot latin women online. You can just make the romantic relationship happen easily on This latin dating site will save your precious time and money at same time. Try it now!