Latamdate Review:How to leave a good first impression when dating Latin girls

Your first impression is like your identity in a crowd of strangers; and probably what majority of them will live to remember you for. Now imagine when you meet beautiful Colombian girls for the first time and send the wrong signal by being arrogant or abusive. What do you think would be the outcome? They will quickly tell their friends not to associate with you and the tail end of it all is that you will complain bitterly that your relationship is not working out when in the real sense of it you blew your chances – somewhere that you never thought would matter.

beautiful Colombian girls

The first rule about leaving a first impression is that if you have an eye on a particular Colombian girl, then, you cannot help but be good to all single Colombian ladies. This is not a bluff. A wrong attitude like shouting at another Colombian girl may cost you the one you have your eyes on because somehow, your ill-treatment of one of them will be heard by the rest.

Leaving a good first impression is not difficult and should be nothing to keep you awake all night trying to crack the puzzle. Simply using witty lines on your Colombian beauties to make her laugh is a good impression. She will recall the experience for a long time and regurgitate your words each time she wants to have a good laugh with her friends.

When you are involved in Colombian dating, you should learn to spend quality time with her and do the little things like opening doors for her, bringing out the chair from the table for her to sit and complementing her looks and appearance. They rarely care about being splashed with fancy gifts or taken to the most expensive restaurant. The little actions speaks loudest with them.

In the not too distant past, how to meet Columbian women kept many American men up at night but with the coming of the internet, that has changed. Today, you can meet Colombian women online with just a click of a button.

However, it is utterly wrong to think that because it is a virtual world, your first impression has little impact. Whichever medium you choose to date, always try to leave a very good first impression because that may be the reason why your relationships have been failing to yield a good fruit.


These 4 Things Gonna Ruin Your Relationship with Your Latino Girlfriend

Maintaining a relationship is not easy. It needs the efforts of each side. Sometimes if you couldn’t carefully notice your partner’s feeling you may make your relationship trapped in danger. Some ways are must-avoided for you if you want to live peacefully with your girlfriend.

4 things needed to avoid in a relationship


Trust is the strong basis of any relationship. So if you want to make your relationship last, you’d better not tell lies or cheat. Well, sometimes white lies are needed just for the sake of avoiding hurting you partner or avoiding disputes. But don’t expect these little lies can make you have nice communication with your Latin girl. If your girlfriend finds out you are cheating on her, no matter what cause it can be, it’s very possible that she will blame your confusing facts. Lying can lead to lack of trust in addition to lack of respect, and it is the killer to a relationship which will make your partner lose confidence in you. In a word, lying can devastate your relationship.


Similar to the harm brought by lying, mistrust in your partner is another element which will destroy a relationship. We have seen too many failures caused by mistrust in relationships including between lovers, between parents and children. Everyone has insecurities but that cannot become the reason why you become too controlling or showing jealous about your Latino girlfriend. If you check up on her or even track her daily path–that’s very terrible–you will have opposite impact that you want. At first you are afraid of losing her and now your irrational behavior actually pushes her away.


Insults and curses do hurt. You may not regard you a critical guy? Above all, you love your girlfriend, you show your respect. But you have to be aware of the ways that some subtle criticism might turn your relationship into a mess. It’s really stupid to make insults when your partner shows weakness doing something. “Hey honey, this would be better with more sauces” can comfort your partner and make her feel more confident. Insults only lead to her thinking that she’s not good enough.

Always Being Right

Would you rather be happy or be right? That’s a question for some people. Sometimes it does no good you have to always be right especially you are dealing with your beloved one. If you are such a person who often searches for other people’s agreement or you just need people’s response that you are right, maybe you should take a careful look at yourself. Usually this kind of behavior results from low self-esteem.