These 4 Things Gonna Ruin Your Relationship with Your Latino Girlfriend

Maintaining a relationship is not easy. It needs the efforts of each side. Sometimes if you couldn’t carefully notice your partner’s feeling you may make your relationship trapped in danger. Some ways are must-avoided for you if you want to live peacefully with your girlfriend.

4 things needed to avoid in a relationship


Trust is the strong basis of any relationship. So if you want to make your relationship last, you’d better not tell lies or cheat. Well, sometimes white lies are needed just for the sake of avoiding hurting you partner or avoiding disputes. But don’t expect these little lies can make you have nice communication with your Latin girl. If your girlfriend finds out you are cheating on her, no matter what cause it can be, it’s very possible that she will blame your confusing facts. Lying can lead to lack of trust in addition to lack of respect, and it is the killer to a relationship which will make your partner lose confidence in you. In a word, lying can devastate your relationship.


Similar to the harm brought by lying, mistrust in your partner is another element which will destroy a relationship. We have seen too many failures caused by mistrust in relationships including between lovers, between parents and children. Everyone has insecurities but that cannot become the reason why you become too controlling or showing jealous about your Latino girlfriend. If you check up on her or even track her daily path–that’s very terrible–you will have opposite impact that you want. At first you are afraid of losing her and now your irrational behavior actually pushes her away.


Insults and curses do hurt. You may not regard you a critical guy? Above all, you love your girlfriend, you show your respect. But you have to be aware of the ways that some subtle criticism might turn your relationship into a mess. It’s really stupid to make insults when your partner shows weakness doing something. “Hey honey, this would be better with more sauces” can comfort your partner and make her feel more confident. Insults only lead to her thinking that she’s not good enough.

Always Being Right

Would you rather be happy or be right? That’s a question for some people. Sometimes it does no good you have to always be right especially you are dealing with your beloved one. If you are such a person who often searches for other people’s agreement or you just need people’s response that you are right, maybe you should take a careful look at yourself. Usually this kind of behavior results from low self-esteem.


About Love: How to Let Your Partner Know You Love Her


Speak out your love in your own way

Everyone has his own character and the ways of showing love are different. Especially when two people are of opposite genders, their ways to show love are far different. In the rendezvous with your beloved one, if you could not make her feel your love and you are careless, showing little concern about her feeling, it’s very likely you have already ruined the date unconsciously. It is often the case that a couple break up only for the reason one of this pair cannot feel being loved by the other. So how to make your partner know you really love her? Keep reading. The following steps maybe can help give you some thought about love and offer you some advice about how to show your love to your important person.

How to Make Your Partner Feel Your Love?
When someone wants to express his love for another person, he is supposed to try to figure out doing something to display love rather than directly saying that in words.

For example, some guys feel that after a dispute, it’s good to make an apology by giving his wife some money to buy something she likes. The husband holds the opinion that his such behavior is actually showing his love for his wife while the wife feel more annoyed at him. It’s quite a pity that neither the wife nor the husband has the ability to read the mind of each other. The fact is that no one can have the skill of reading people’s mind.

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Five pieces of advice are provided here for couples by which you can try to learn something from it and understand the love language of your partner.

1. Writer out a list of your opinion about 10 ways in which you can feel being loved, included can be the ways of communication you like, the proper length of time for being together in the same space, etc. You can list out whatever you think of and then share this list with your partner.

2. Ask your partner to write down a list of her views about ways of feeling being loved and share with each other.

3. Read the things you’ve written down on the list to your partner. You can read the items with your partner one by one. In that way, you can have better further thinking when you’re listening to the inner voice of the significant other.

4. When listening to the partner’s presentation, there is no need to feel ashamed or angry that it seems you have been making mistakes all the time. The most important thing is that you two should catch the opportunity and learn from each other so as to move forward together in the right direction and finally better the development of your relationship.

5. Each of you select 5 ways from your partner’s list and implement them. For example, maybe you are in the hope of having some kisses or hugs before sleep, or maybe you are in fond of some specific forms of stroke, or maybe you would like to slow a little bit down the prelude during sex. Everybody has different needs from other people. Take some actions.