Eight guaranteed ways to get noticed by beautiful Latino babes online!

  1. First Impressions

First impressions are key to getting started, without a good profile; you’ll just be thrown into the pile of the other hundreds of young singles. This means , get your profile in order, make sure all your information is there, make sure you are polite and courteous. Once you made a bad impression, there is no way back!

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  1. Smile!

Far too often you see profiles of people with a bland expression on their face in a profile picture, beautiful Latino babes want to know that you are fun to be with, so say cheese and get that picture sorted because if you don’t look fun you won’t attract those fun hot chicks.

  1. Be interesting.

You probably don’t like talking about yourself, but that’s okay. Just make sure you are intersecting enough to talk to, nobody cares about your desk job, talk about your wild hobby or that unique thing that makes you who you are.

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  1. Don’t come on too strong

Yes women like confidence but If you run in there all guns blazing, they may find you arrogant. Be charming and civil. If you have hit this step, then congratulations you are having way there to getting that hot Latino chick you’ve been messaging.

  1. Don’t be shy

So at this point you’ve not come on strong enough to scare them away but you are also in danger of being so shy that you can’t even hold a conversation. Make sure you keep the conversation flowing, ask them about their hobbies and interests. Maybe ask them about their life goals?

  1. Talk about them!

You may not realise it but people absolutely love to talk about themselves, if you can engage them about their passion in life then you are on your way to a winner. Ask them how they are doing, what their dreams are etc

  1. Stay active

People want to see that you are active. If you are offline for weeks at a time and don’t reply to messages constantly then nobody will want to speak to you, post in the forums and keep your profile clean and tidy.

  1. Be positive

Nobody wants to know if you’ve had a bad day, they don’t use online dating to hear sob stories, be upbeat and positive. Remember, back to the first point first impressions, start positive!


Latamdate Review:Tips to never fail at dating Latin girls

There are lots of things you can do to screw up at dating with a Latin girl. So it’s best to know in advance what things annoy Latin women and what things serve as a turn-off signal for them.

If you want to date a Latin girl, embrace yourself buddy! Latin girls seeking men are sweet and everything, but once she realizes that you belong to her, she won’t be willing to let you go quite easily.

meet latin girlsAnd if you want to establish a strong romantic connection between you and a Latin girl (either through an online dating website or in real life), never ever try to boss her around. In fact, Latin women can’t stand control freaks.

And even though you may have read somewhere on the Internet that Latin women are obedient and will eat out of your hand. Remember this: Latin girls do NOT obey men (well, in rare cases, they do), so don’t make the same mistake thousands of men who want to meet a Latin girl do on dating websites: don’t put yourself above her.

If you ever get to the stage of a Skype video call, she’ll surely want to hear you say her name out loud. And Latin girls sometimes have super-hard to pronounce names. But in a Latin girl’s mind it goes like this: if a man cannot even pronounce her name right, he cannot be the right man for her.

So it’s recommended to take some time in front of the mirror and rehearse saying her name in all voice tones. And don’t you dare refer to a Latin woman (either it’s during a video call or in a chat) as ‘mami’!

Despite a common belief, it’s an absolute and major turn-off when a man of your interest calls you ‘mom’! And the same goes for ‘papi’. If you’ve paid close attention above, you know that Latin women for dating don’t like to obey men.

Nonetheless, if you ever decide to ask her to call you her ‘papi’, she’ll run away from you. It’s not even funny anymore, let alone sexy to call a man you will potentially sleep with your dad. Some Latin girls may enjoy it as part of a role play or as part of a dirty talk phrase, but in general don’t say it.

Both ‘mami’ and ‘papi’ are turn-offs for Latin women, but we bet you thought this is something that turns them on. Well, wrong!

Never ever should you interrupt her or don’t pay attention – or worse, show that you are bored and not interested – when she starts listing her entire family. The thing with dating Latin girls is that you’ll absolutely have to learn by heart all of her family members’ birthdays and anniversaries.

And, of course, their names. And, just like in the case with her own name, you can’t screw up pronouncing it. So looks like you’ll have to spend even more time at the mirror, rehearsing Latin American names.

And if you ever get to meet her grandmother, never, NEVER EVER refuse to eat her food. Moreover, you should eat each time her grandma offers you something. Fill yourself with her food up until you explode. Yes, that’s right.

In Latin American culture, declining someone’s food is equal to shutting the door in front of someone’s face. Don’t you ever do it. Latin girls love their grandparents, so don’t disappoint her and her relatives. Eat everything!

And remember: Latin girls are not the one-night stand type of girls. So treat your girlfriend with respect and love, as for Latin people love is the foundation of life.