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If you are planning to date Latin woman, then begin that adventure being very much aware that the dating rules have changed. The obsolete rules have been damped and new rules brought on board. If you want to win, be ready to play by them. Just the same way football officials changed the restraining line from 30-yard to 35 to increase the touchline, these rules have changed to favor you. But not all the rules have been adjusted. Some old school rules still hold and we shall have a look at all these.

Read on to explore the new changes to the dating rules and how to date a Colombian woman.

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He orders, she pays

One unwritten old school rule that used to be followed earnestly is that the man was responsible for the first date’s bill. Well, there are some new changes now. The rule that men are supposed to make the first move is still followed to some degree, but once on that date, the man can order and the woman has all the liberty to offer paying the check. Yes, you heard that right. When you ask her out, she may as well foot the bill and won’t complain.

15 Minutes of Date are enough

Gone are the days when an all night or two to three times dates were required for you to decide whether you have chemistry. According to a research, just 15 minutes into the date can tell whether you two can give it a try. Worried that beautiful Latino girl will bail if she is not into you? Remain calm because the research further shows that less than 15 percent would actually leave before the night is over.

More dates at a time

When you decide to date a Colombian, remember the new dating rules open the choices for you. Unlike in the past when you could just date one woman at a time, you are now set free to multi-date.

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First date is not a sex day

You shouldn’t go all the way just on the first date. It is important to keep that hot Colombia in mystery to keep her motivated for the next date. If you just give it all in a single night, the next date will be less exciting. It will also make the first date seem more of an interview to sex rather than a moment to get to know each other.

Online Date is becoming a norm

Planning of beginning to date? Well, feel free to visit a reputable website to date ladies online. Just create an online account with which you will meet your prospective partner. Ensure you add accurate details of yourself lest you risk discouraging your partner once you meet in person.

Online dating, or rather, mobile dating, demands that you be ready all the time for you never know what’s in store. Have your change clothes at your work place and some mouth wash because responding to a single women in Colombia demands punctuality.

Aha… you can send a Facebook friend request to your date

The Internet has taken us by storm and, as already pointed out above; you can do online dating to meet Colombian girls. Once you have had your first face to face encounter in addition to 2 – 3 dates, the new rules allow you to dig further about them and send even a Facebook friend request. However, this is a trend yet to be accepted by many thus do not be quick to exploit it in the early stages of dating.

Sexting is the new ‘Talking Dirty’

Back in the days after a date, you would whisper some sex terms in a woman’s ear and then watch her physical response for clues. Today, all that talking dirty has been replaced with sexting. All you have is her words and not physical touch so you need to be extra careful. The naty girls may motivate you to go on with sexting but remember she is in control, so don’t exceed the limit she has set otherwise you’ll turn her off.

Advertisements dining etiquette is a panty dropper for Colombian girls

Dating Colombian ladies is a mystery to many Western men. And that’s no surprise since Colombian girls are so different from Western girls.

And it was the rise of Colombian models and actresses appearing on TV in recent years that motivated guys around the world sign up on online dating websites with the goal to find single Colombian women.

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And if you’re among the men who want to try dating a Colombian girl, know this: you have a lot of competitors in this ‘game’. So here is one tip of advice if you want to have an edge among all those men trying to impress single Colombian women: learn Colombian culture and traditions.

In particular, let’s talk about Colombia’s dining etiquette, since, obviously, at one point you’ll have to sit at one table with some Colombian girl and eat dinner together. And knowing Colombia’s dining etiquette is a major panty dropper for local women.

So if you want to impress Colombian girls who hang out on online Colombian women dating websites, start taking notes about the South American country’s dining etiquette.

First and foremost, dates in Colombia are rather formal, as when dining, local people care a lot about presentation of the meals. Let’s list some of the most basic and important tips on how to not screw up when having a dinner with a Colombian girl.

If you’re dining out at someone’s house, wait to be seated by the host. Another rule is to keep your hands on the table when eating. So forget about texting under the table while eating when you’re in Colombia.

In order to not screw up your date with a Colombian beauty, never rest your elbows on the table. That’s a no-no! That’s a major turn-off for Columbian singles.

If you’re dining out at some public event or at a house with many guests, be prepared that the host should say ‘buen provecho’ (enjoy the meal) before the guests are allowed to start eating. And don’t worry if you want to try everything on the table – that’s considered to be polite. In fact, in such a way you’re giving the host your respect.

If you’re coming to Colombia to meet Colombian girls, don’t be surprised when you see your date cutting fruits into pieces with a knife and fork before she puts those pieces in her mouth. All food in Colombia is usually eaten with utensils.

But don’t be quick to finish your meal. It’s polite in Colombia to leave just a little bit of leftovers on your plate when you are full. Also, Colombian women – and not only Colombian women, really – don’t like it when their date uses a toothpick at the table. So it’s a no-no!

Having dinner with a Colombian girl is great, but how do you get to that stage? Well, let’s take you through a basic process of finding a Colombian girlfriend with the help of an online dating website.

If your intention is to meet Columbian women through dating websites, keep in mind that Colombian ladies don’t really care how you look. It’s all about who are inside.

It’s not about looks in Colombia, so you don’t have to be a Ryan Gosling to get a Colombian beauty. Instead, Colombian single ladies want to make sure that they will always be safe by your side and that you will always care for them.

But when going on a date with a Colombian girl, expect her to be late! Colombian women care a lot about how they look (especially on their first date), so they spend more than two hours getting their makeup done and fitting the clothes.

When it comes to sex, Colombian girls are very adventurous and passionate. In fact, they can easily adapt to the preferences in bed of their boyfriend or husband, and they are excited to try new things in bed! Perfect wives.